My actual summer plans

I feel like my summer won’t begin until all the things that have been in the planning process for the past year will finally get started. I work all day almost everyday so it’s been a little tricky to balance friends, family, work and fun all at once.

THANKFULLY! At the end of this month my friends are going on our own grad trip that we have planned. We are all taking a week off and going camping out in the middle of nowhere and just enjoying this summer. Most of us are staying in Lethbridge for school in the fall and going to the U of L but life will still get busy and hectic for us all. We decided to go on this trip as we are all poor working students and going somewhere fancy like Mexico or Hawaii¬† was a little out of the question. So we’re packing up food, tents, tanning lotion and survival gear and hitting the great outdoors!

Followed by a wedding and some more work is my second summer adventure! WORLD YOUTH DAYS!

This year World Youth Days is taking place in Madrid Spain where thousands of young people over the age of eighteen are coming together for rallies, talks and events with an appearance by the Pope Benedict XVI. It’s a little hard to describe right now what will happen but I’ll do that closer to the actual event. Followed by World Youth Days my Parish group that I’m going with is taking a little detour and stopping by Italy. The week in Italy will be just for some traveling and tourism to the amazing places there. This will be my first time ever in Europe and I couldn’t be more excited!

Until all that fun summer adventures will start I’ll be working away and trying to find time to get through all my university preparations.

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