Literally Thunder in the Valley

This past weekend many people went out camping to the Crowsnest pass for the annual fireworks show and fair Thunder in the Valley. The weekend had beautiful weather until about two hours before the fireworks were to start it started pouring rain. I was sure it was going to be canceled or at least postponed but what Alberta weather is good for is changing every hour.

The rain stopped the skies cleared a bit and the Fireworks lit up the night sky. Of course the traffic was crazy just like it is every year but it was still a good night.

So until recently I had been attempting managing two jobs and the other things life includes. It wasn’t working out so well. So after a long time of taking things into consideration I decided it was best to quit one of my jobs. It will be sad to leave after all my training is completed and I’m finally getting the hang of things but you gotta do what you gotta do right? Hopefully things will work out for the better and I won’t be kicking my self in the butt for it afterward.

I’ll have my mind on other things as next week I’ll be getting my camping gear together for my Grad Trip! It will be nice to actually get away for a week and not have to deal with work, stress and the never ending to-do lists. I think these kinds of vacation trips are needed to keep one sane.

Also I’ll be meeting up with two U of L Psychology alumni to get their take on the program, experience and any advice they can give for us newbies! I’ll be sure to post up the interview as soon as possible and hopefully it will answer any questions I or anyone else may have. It will be really nice and reassuring to talk to someone who had already gone through the university and provide some insight into what I should expect.

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  1. Quinn Andre says:

    Oh what a good blogger you are! I saw your name and got all excited :)I too am very excited for our Grad Trip! Yay! I’m looking forward to reading your take on the week… haha. Well your summer sounds pretty happening according to your blog. Keep up the good work girlie!

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