Intro to . . . school?

Tuesday evening I got the chance to have coffee with two Psychology Grads who went to the U of L, Kevin and Mecole. I got to pick their brains about school, classes and some bits of advice for this coming year!

Though the interview may have drifted off to other interesting topics it did provide reassurance that I’m doing things somewhat right. I found it really good to know that I should consider my first four years (my Bachelor of Science in Psychology) as a stepping stone for the future and that it will be a good time to explore and discover new things. Kevin and Mecole explained how your first year at the University isn’t as scary as it seems and you really get to enjoy school. The most difficult part being getting to know the lay out of the school but there are plenty of people willing to help out and many chances for tours.

I got some good class recommendations that I never even knew the University offered or I never considered before such as Film Studies, Anthropology, Exploring Creativity and Organizational Studies. Kevin really encouraged taking Philosophy classes and said that it was the one of the classes he thinks everyone should take, which works out great as that is what I had planned to take my first semester! I learned that it’s okay to follow the degree sequencing plan and have almost all of my GLER’s in my first year.  Also when classes require labs, it’s really not as scary as it seems!

When asked about the best thing of university, Kevin and Mecole explained how you meet the most interesting people in your classes. People who may have come from all the way across the country (such as Yellowknife) and create great memories in classes you may have never imagined yourself to take.

I can’t thank Mecole and Kevin enough for meeting up with me and for the great info and advice! So in the end I feel much better about the fall and can actually start to get excited about it!

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