Thank goodness for internet

After a week of camping with my friends it was time to go back to life and work. 🙁 I can’t complain however as the weather in Lethbridge could not have been nicer! I also got my Diploma exam marks in the mail last week. I honestly forgot about those and though I could really care less, I made it through well enough and very glad to be officially graduated. I’m too focused and excited on the fall to worry about what already happened this past June.

So I’ve been catching up on some getting ready for school things and most of it is easily accessible online. For example I’m just getting around to figuring out how to pay for school now (oops!). Thankfully I can do that and apply for loans online at:

The university Scholarships and Student Finance office has a loan package to fill out instead and will review and send it if you bring it back which is nice. Also I missed Jump the Line so I didn’t get to figure out my textbooks. That can also be reserved out online at the U of L bookstore website! Yay!

What I’m wondering though is if it is easier to rent, buy, or get ebooks for school. Any suggestions? Especially for those with a laptop, is it easier to get ebooks?

One of my friends brought up a good question over my camping week. What school supplies do you need for university? Is a binder full of paper and pens enough? Or can laptops be used instead now? I’ll ask around and see if I can find a good reference for school supplies. I really hope I’m not missing anything else I should be doing now before school starts in the fall.

I was looking over my timetable in the fall and by the looks of it I’ll have a lot more free time than before. Which will be nice but at the same time I’m assuming that will be used up by school related things. I’m planning to keep my part-time job too and just work some evenings, weekends and maybe pick up the occasional weekday shift. Guess I won’t know until I start with everything in September. . .


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