The peak of my summer!

Last week I finally got to meet the senior U of L blogger Lindsey and see for myself she is not a computer generated robot at all. We chatted in front of the coffee shop at the university (which I may add is known to have delicious hot and cold drinks!).

She gave some good advice for school supplies for the fall, basically anything goes as long as you have something to write on and with. Most useful would be a notebook or a clipboard with paper. Binders are of course still fine, but they can be heavy and bulky. Laptops are another option, but keep in mind they are also heavy and Lindsey didn’t recommend them for math type classes (too many equations to write down!). I thought this all helped a lot as it’s one less thing that’s unknown about going to university in the fall.

On Friday I had the chance to work on a special project for the university. I was toured around campus, and all the action was caught on camera! It will be posted up for all to see shortly!

I recently also realized that my decision to quit my other part time job was a very good one. As hard a decision as it was to make, it was a good choice. I’ve finally balanced my life, and I can finally catch up with friends and family and make time for important things like weddings and travel plans. ¬†Things are even working out with my current job as I am getting more hours than before and normally work 9-5 shifts. One less thing to worry about!

4 days until I leave for Spain for World Youth Days! I won’t have any computer access from Aug 14th- 28th so no blogs for a little while. I’ll make sure to post pictures in my blogs and all about my trip once I get back!

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