Home sweet home

I’m back from my trip to Spain and Italy and wow is the jet lag ever bad! I keep waking up at four in the morning being wide awake and restless. Never should have slept on that eight hour flight. I’m setting up a photo album right away and once that is ready I’ll make sure to post about my adventures in Europe! Sadly it’s back to work tomorrow and summer is almost completely over. I also realize now how unprepared I feel I am for school.

I’m mainly nervous about how my classes will be! There are so many little things like are you supposed to just get up and leave the class if you need the washroom? I know it may sound silly but in high school you ask for everything so now you’re on your own. I’m also wondering about the work load. Will there be lots of homework like papers and projects? My schedule look pretty free when I look at it but will that be actual free time?

I also remembered that I have to organize my tuition and how I’ll manage to pay for all that. Hopefully I’ll have a little bit saved after all my travels this year. Scholarships to the rescue! There are so many that can be searched on the web and applied for anytime during your studies. The question is when will I have time to look for them?!

Lastly I’m wondering how early to show up for classes and where would be the best place to lock up my bike. Since I live so close to the university I figured walking or biking will be the healthiest and greenest way to get to school.

I’m hoping those things will just work themselves out once school actually gets underway. It all starts on Wednesday . . .

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One Response to Home sweet home

  1. lindsey.meredith says:

    Hey Basia!
    Bathrooms – just get up and go! But make sure you do so quietly!
    Class times – I loved showing up 10 mins early. That’s when the class before you gets out, so you can get in early and get a good seat!
    Have a great first day!

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