First University class . . . EVER!

First day of class is now over, the hardest part is done and over with, thank goodness!

I was walking to school and I figured it would take me about fifteen minutes to get there so I planned to have enough time to get a good spot. Well I didn’t account for how large the university is and that it takes another 5+ min to get from the actual parking lot down to the very end of U Hall. Lesson learned.

First class with absolutely no one I knew, but the prof made things nice and interesting so the 50 min flew by. Especially when coming from a school with 3 hour classes, a 50 minute class made paying attention a breeze. Familiar faces in the hallways make all the difference too! I couldn’t stop smiling as it began to sink in that I was actually in university! I feel a lot older all of a sudden.┬áSecond class: already know I won’t enjoy it. It’s the return of my most loathed topic I dealt with in high school. Not quite sure how I didn’t figure out that topic would be included. SO I plan to check the other classes available and see if ANYTHING will work with my schedule. I am still worried though as it seems like almost all the classes I’m somewhat interested in are full. Thankfully I can return the textbook and free up that seat for another lost soul.

Three textbooks, a laptop, notepad and food do not fit into a little bag and purse. They only make life more challenging when lugging them all up the hill. Invest in heavy duty backpack, second lesson learned.

After classes I stopped by the Students Union ballroom and picked up my Fresh Fest backpack! YAY! I cannot believe how many goodies they packed into that thing! Coupons, bandana, water bottle and more that may be useful for the next three days of awesomeness! I suggest everyone to grab one if they can as it is totally worth it. I’ll try my best to take loads of photos of this weekend to share with everyone. Can’t wait for the weekend!

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