First Month of University: Done. | Basia

September has gone by in a flash and what a month it has been!

A big difference I have noticed comparing high school with university is the freedom. You can take the classes you want, when you want. My first week I added and dropped a bunch of my classes. Now I’m in the classes I actually find interesting and care about and boy does that make a difference. I really enjoy my classes and am excited to attend each one. Except for the fact they are early morning classes and when weather is cold I don’t want to leave the comforts of my home. That is another part of the freedom, if I miss a day due to sickness or something else I get the lecture and power points online so I won’t fall behind.

Another difference is the atmosphere in the classroom. They may seem scary with all the students but you get so pulled into the lectures you forget all about that. The students themselves are different because they actually WANT to be there. They are at university for a reason and not just because they have to. There is no more silliness disrupting the whole class or teachers picking on students to hand in their work on time.

I have experienced a lot of firsts this month: First academic essay, which I am still waiting on for the grade so fingers crossed! First club meeting which I had joined during Rush Week. First Fresh Fest! First and hopefully only cold of the semester. And next week I’ll be writing my first midterm.

I have to admit things may have not been as cheery as they sound. All the readings and assignments have been stressful especially with a part-time job. The workload is a lot and now I understand why I had so much free time in my schedule, studying! With the help of an awesome agenda thanks to ULSU and the peace and quiet of the library I have figured out how to manage my time better.

Overall I am loving my time at the university already, I wonder what October will bring . . .

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