Never forget your keys, Ever!

Lately I’ve been having some trouble with one of the tires on my car. About once a month the air would get low almost to the point of a flat tire. I don’t know anything when it comes to vehicles so I just got my dad to fix it up by putting some more air into and it would be fine like that for about another month. Well, a couple days ago I was supposed to go to my boyfriend’s house for a study date and of course it was my car’s time of the month and had a low tire.

I figured I would stop by a gas station on my way out of town and fill up the tire myself and continue on my journey. It took me about ten minutes to finally get the tire filled properly and was finally ready to go. I attempt to get into my car and surprise the automatic lock has kicked in, FOR ONCE. It never usually works, even when I press the lock button. I sometimes get to my car and the door is unlocked but when you open the door the alarm still goes off. This one time it actually fully locks my car and as I look in I can see EVERYTHING is inside, keys, wallet and even my phone. Just Perfect.

After a little while of pacing and having a mild freakout I go inside the gas station once more and ask to use the phone. Then I realize that due to having a cell phone, I no longer have to memorize numbers so I have no one to call. I could have used a phone book to call AMA but my mom would get off work in about half an hour so waiting just seemed like the logical thing to do.

As I’m waiting and frantically pacing around my car three people, who you could call a little sketchy looking, walk up and ask why I’m standing outside my car in the rain. I start to worry thinking of the worst possible thing that could happen to a young girl, alone in an alley. Instead they begin to inspect my car and think of ways to get my keys. One guy says to go inside the gas station and call AMA, the woman gives me a hug and reassures me it will be okay and the third guy says he can’t break into my car because of the automatic lock system and it would only set off the alarm. After a while they leave and wish me the best of luck.

About fifteen minutes later the woman and one of the men come back but with a different man as well. They see that I’m still stuck at the gas station and decide to try and help again. The third new gentlemen inspects my window and says he can only break into the older style of Jettas. However, he said that he would gladly break my window if I really want to get into my car. I kindly tell them that I would prefer my car to be undamaged and my mom will be there shortly. Just in the nick of time my mom pulls up and I jump into her car before the gentleman can suggest any other ways he knows how to break into vehicle.

Afterwards I finally just go and get my tire fixed so I won’t have to deal with it anymore, arriving at my boyfriend’s house two hours late. I will seriously keep my keys at my side at all times no matter what I’m doing. I also now have a new appreciation for the people you can meet downtown, and for the older non-automatic locking Jettas.

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