Beware of snacks in class | Basia

In most of my classes I have come to learn that teachers are pretty open to bringing food or beverages. Snacks are a good way to keep from getting hungry and bored in those long, difficult-to-stay-awake lectures.

One class I decided to bring a pizza bread pretzel to munch on, but I kept it in my backpack beside me to avoid the loud noise of a plastic bag. Every few minutes I would rip off a piece and chow down when I wasn’t busy writing notes. Eventually I must have hit an extra crumbly part because when I ripped off the piece of pizza bread and whipped it out of my backpack I sent bits of it flying all over the place. Not just my own desk, but the person who sat next to me and all over her binder and notes.

I quietly apologized and tried to dust off the remains of the pizza bread from her and her desk. After turning bright red and apologizing a million times I didn’t try to eat any more pizza bread for the rest of class. That girl has not sat next to me in class ever since.

I think it’s also good to be allergy conscious as a lot of people may have mild to serious allergic reactions if any left over snacks are left behind on the desks from a previous class.┬áNow I try to stick to safer snacks like fruits and granola bars for in class and save the pizza bread for outside of class.

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