Need to take a breather | Basia

Wow what a crazy semester this had turned out to be! It started out alright and I managed my time well enough, got my work done, was really enjoying the university life. However somewhere along the line things began to pile up and a literal snow ball effect is taking place.

I think it might have been when ALL of my midterms, yes all five of my classes, had midterms planned in the same week. I was worried enough for my first official university midterm, let alone having to study and cram for all five of them. I have to look on the bright side that now I know what to expect for finals which are all in the same week and be able to prepare and handle them better than I did the midterms.

To add on top of that I got the stomach flu which lasted ALL through midterm week as well. So much fun! I think not.

Then the assignments began to pile up and the readings, the essays and the studying. . . A family crisis had come up, registration for spring classes is about to start and just got over yet ANOTHER flu.  Is Christmas here yet?!?

So let’s just say I’m stressed, but counselling and academic services to the rescue! I made an appointment at the counselling office and set a time for next week to pop by the academic advising office as well. The writing centre will be my last stop to prepare for all the final papers, one due every week until the end of semester, woo!

My hope as this semester quickly wraps up is that I will finally get caught up and with some miracle pull my grades up a bit. I think that I, like most other first year students, NOW know what to do different for the spring semester.

Wish me luck!

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