Holidays at home!

I would just like to say that I looove the Christmas season! All the decorations and extra time for family and friends is just the perfect way to end off a semester of school and the year 2011 in general. It’s a much needed way to catch your breath from the craziness of school.

I stayed in Lethbridge for my holidays because it’s my home town and I was scheduled to work a bit during the holidays also. I had to pay off all my Christmas shopping somehow! The first couple days of holidays I went out with my friends to the usual clubs and pubs in Lethbridge and Coaldale, as some friends were heading back home soon and others were just getting back from various places across Alberta and BC. It was strange not seeing some people for so long and all of a sudden they’re back but it is like nothing had changed while they were gone.

By the last week before Christmas there isn’t too many events going on in Lethbridge but you can always stop by the mall or Galt Gardens to see the pretty decorations and lights put up. I personally love driving around town to all the houses that go all out in Christmas lights, music and sometimes even a petting zoo for the kiddies and those young at heart.

My brother and his family also came down from Calgary to spend a couple days with my parents and me as well which was awesome. We did the usual Christmas traditions of building, decorating, but mostly eating, a gingerbread house and having a delicious no-meat Christmas eve dinner. I introduced my very old school parents to the wonders of Skype and let’s just say many tears were shed when they saw our relatives who we haven’t seen in years.

I worked a couple more days and am now VERY slowly getting myself prepared for my next semester of school. Gosh I can’t even imagine how this one will be. I feel confident as I actually know what to expect and what to do differently but who knows!

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