Recap: First Semester

Now that my first semester at the U of L is done I just want to take a look back at what I originally expected of university and how it actually turned out to be.

Back when I had registered for my classes I had a few doubts about some and if I would be interested in them. I had left my classes how they were and waited until the first week of classes to dip in and see what they were going to be like. Glad I did! In my first week I dropped and added a bunch of classes until finally I had got into classes I wanted. Even this semester I gave myself the first week to settle in and see if they really work for me.

I don’t know when exactly it was that the university layout finally clicked in my head but it did thankfully! I was so lost and if someone told be to go to UHall A,B or E, I would probably walk towards Anderson Hall. I now walk around and can find my classes no problem, there are some areas I still have yet to explore but the majority of the university is a piece of cake. Yay for me!

I also figured out the tips and tricks for getting textbooks. I now know to go ASAP to get the cheap used ones and if you want you can reserve them if your really stuck or fearful of the bookstore and university. But the bookstore really isn’t as intimidating as it looked, the nicely labelled shelves and books are awesome (the staff too!). When it comes to the back to school line up . . . well you just have to deal with it!

I had assumed that by how early my classes were done and because of all the blank spaces on my schedule I would have lots of free time. Not quite. Working 20+ hrs a week, school and studying does not allow one to keep sane and social. But it had to be learned the hard way, but this semester I’m working less, have only four classes and am happy as can be!

As for the classes themselves, I love them! My teachers always encouraged students to come ask for help and want to you to do your best. Yes, you CAN just get up and leave the class if you have to but keep it quiet so you don’t disturb anyone. For note taking, it’s personal preference, only one class I had laptops were not allowed but it worked out anyways. I have to admit that during the semester I hated and cursed my classes like crazy but that was just the midterm/final-ready-to-bang-head-against-desk stress talking. When I look back now I really did enjoy my classes, they were interesting! I would honestly take all of them again.

As for this semester I expect to enjoy my classes and the U of L experience even more as I know how everything works now. University, bring it on!

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