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I just thought I would share my choices for why I decided to go to university and the U of L specifically, as many high school students, returning students and older students will be deciding (or have already decided) what will be the plan for fall. Don’t fret, it’s still far away!

University: I liked how statistics said you’d make more money in the future if you went to university. But honestly, it was because university offered programs and classes that the college or other institutions didn’t have.

The Location: I have lived in Lethbridge all my life and live with my parents so close to the university it was really convenient. My family is here, my friends are here, I have a job and I found it important to have these support systems in your life when you’re making this big step.

Programs/Classes: You have so much to choose from! You can even switch and change programs if it comes to it. YOU decide what classes you want, when you want them and even in some situations where! They take the term ULeth very literally!

Credentials: It has many programs that are the only one of its kind in western Canada, and even across all of Canada. U of L is sure giving those “fancier” schools a run for their money, literally.

You’re not alone: I’ve heard some horror stories about other institutions not getting back to students soon enough to help but I got the answers I was looking for. I went to academic advising, cash office, counseling and some of the other faculties and got it worked out.

It’s Awesome: There are always fun events going on for you to get involved in and meet sweet people. You can join a club that interests you, go to movie nights, and Bill Nye, The Science Guy is coming for a visit! That must tell you something. 🙂

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P.S. You can click the bolded words if you want more information! Plus discover.ulethbridge.ca is basically the place to go for all this stuff too, Hey I still use it!

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