Scholarships again?!?

I don’t know about you guys but scholarships are such a drag for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting money for school! Just hunting them down and doing what’s required for them just isn’t my thing. I did however go to the scholarship and student finance office (AH 151) and got the low down on them so I’ll be a bit more prepared than last year.

Current students: I really forgot about scholarships, until I got my bill for tuition. *Cries* But thankfully the University of Lethbridge comes through once again and has them all on the bridge for you to apply for. Since the deadline is May 1st, this semesters’ grades get factored in. So YIPPEE if your like me and need to make up for last semester. Come on, I only need .02 GPA boost to get in the running!

Another awesome thing is when you apply on the bridge you just fill out as much as you can and then U of L figures out which scholarships you quality for. Yet another score for not having to search around a ton, and there are tons of scholarships to get.

Deadline: May 1

Grade Twelve: As I hunt for scholarships I find more and more of them for grade twelve students only. I know you’re busy with being an awesome grade twelver and suffering through diplomas, but make time. You’ll thank yourself for it later! Apply now!

Another one is the Alexander Rutherford scholarship. Yes you can apply anytime but if your starting in the fall semester apply by May 1st. I was told that the high school will automatically send your applications but they don’t, so I missed the deadline and am still waiting to hear back for my award. 🙁

Deadlines: March 15 for Leadership and High school Applicant Awards
May 1 for Alexander Rutherford scholarship. (Both for fall entrance)

Grade Eleven: Apply for the Merit scholarship NOW! Don’t be like me and find out about them once they have already been handed out. Not fun. 🙁

Deadline: June 30

Other sources: If you go to the scholarship and student finance office they have two scholarships from the good ol’ government that you can pick up the paper work for. You just have to hand it back to them by the deadline! I also used these websites and some I even got to make a profile and they find the scholarships that actually apply to you.

Happy hunting!

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