I <3 downtown Lethbridge

The title basically sums up my feelings about that part of the city. I love taking a walk downtown on a nice sunny day and stopping into all the shops with a delicious latte or milkshake.

For those who don’t know where it is I’m talking about, it’s the area around the city centre where all the buses stop and up to and around Park Place mall. Everything is in walking distance and you can always find something that fits your needs.

My favourite store is Silla Designs! It’s the cutest boutique with jewelry, clothes, accessories and more. Even fancy leather wallets and hats for the gentlemen, and all with a bit of vintage flare. You can also choose from Hannah Banana across from Galt Gardens for more than just children wear and Gentlemen Three for your manly man wear. Nicolei tops the list for awesome home decor from furniture to candles.

For cafes and coffee places you have a nice competition between: The Penny coffee house with yummy meals, Esquires with cool scenery and the wifi and staff that always have stories, Round Street cafe with yummy pie and lastly Express Coffee with more funky decor and loose leaf tea types you can imagine. There is also a new place called Chelsea’s Cafe opening up so I’ll have to go see what that will be like. Did I mention the cupcake place?!? Edible Incredible across the street from The Penny has cupcakes and sugar cookies to die for! Hint: Valentine’s day idea!

The artsy people have the art gallery across from The Penny that is full of some rich art pieces made by the locals. Even The Penny itself has pieces on display which can also be purchased. And can’t forget to mention the SAAG! In the evenings The Owl, The Slice and even Mocha Cabana has some local musicians sharing their tunes with the city. Hint: Some evenings the galleries have nice wine to help you enjoy the art.

For the real adventurers there’s King of Trade full of all sorts of wonders to be discovered. A block or two down you have Alpenland as your ski-snowboard-sports-topia.

So if you’re ever in need of a break, go for a walk in downtown Lethbridge and see what you can find! Also give us a comment on someplace you enjoy or think others should know about, I can’t fit all the excitement in one blog!

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