From Psychology to Social Work

I thought I might update you guys as to why I’m taking Psychology as my major at the university, how it is going so far and it may help anyone who is looking into that for the future.

I know I could never be a doctor as blood and cutting someone open is not for me, but I still wanted to help people in some way or another. I always helped my friends get through their problems so I figured, heck might as well do it for a living! I had taken an Intro to Psyc class in high school and I became interested in the abnormal psychology and different disorders, even though they may be a little frightening. So looked more into this through career fairs, job shadowing and what programs the university offered.

So BAM! Here I am in university working at my Bachelor of Science with my major being Psychology. I loved the Psyc 1000 class but something wasn’t working out for me. I seriously did not want to spend 4 years getting my Ba. Sci and then another who knows how many years to be an actual employable person. Don’t get me wrong I admire those who do suffer through and become a doctor in this area but it’s just not for me. I hate calculus and stats with a passion, so I’m not quite sure how I’d get through. . . Thankfully I have stuck with my semester planning guide for psychology and am still taking lots of GLER’s so I can really figure out for sure if this is for me.

This semester I actually got into the Introduction to Social Work class which is offered on campus but technically through the U of C. I thought I might take it to explore my options some more as it is related to psychology and I’d still get credit toward my degree. So far I love it! As cliche as it may sound I think I may have found my calling. A social worker does a lot of things that a psychologist kinda does, yet without the heavy science courses and MANY years of schooling required. I also find that it is more community based to some extent and you don’t just give drugs to people to make their problems go away.

I find it funny because back when I was planning my university career I swore I wouldn’t switch programs and this was the one for me and yadda yadda. . . Surprise! I’m now part of the growing statistic of students that switched programs. However I can’t “officially” switch into the Faculty of Social Work until the end of my second year so until then I’ll be taking my required psychology classes. So I’ll still get my interests in psychology explored, a job after I graduate and help people in the end. Yay! =)

Fingers crossed I don’t switch into something else in the meantime . . .

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