Beware of bike riding in winter.

So since the weather is so beautiful and sunny I figured why not ride my bike to school! I forgot about the hazardous equation that  bike + melting snow + people = fail.

I made it alright most of the way, and I thought biking on snow would be a lot like biking on grass. Until I actually hit snow that is, and got stuck with my tires spinning in place and the bike falling on top of me. Okay, so I avoided snow from then on and stuck to the roads and sidewalks, no short cuts.

Ah, but then I hit the path after the intersection leading to the parking lot. I dodged most of the people alright, but then I saw slush patches . . . I made the mistake of looking down to make sure I wasn’t covered in brown slushy wetness. I looked up and BAM! A guy is walking right in front of me, he yells, literally yells “UGGHH!” and jumps out of the way just in time then I swerved and almost hit three other people.

I did make it to school without harming anyone in the end! I may never forget that scared looking expression on the guy however, and I really hope he heard me yelling sorry afterwards. Well if he ever reads this, I am truly sorry and promise to stay off my bike until the spring.

But on that note I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing reading week, you deserve it! =)

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