From Biochem to . . . Fashion?!?

So we have all heard of people switching majors and programs in university and heck, I’m one of them with my psych gone social work major. My good friend Anali has the wildest of them all, she started out a biochemistry major and is now looking into careers in the arts and fashion world. I got to pick her brain about it and can now tell you guys about it!

Why biochem and the sciences first? Anali explained how there are a lot of options in this field and in the sciences, she could work in laboratory research, go to med school and the ultimate goal was to be some kind of doctor.

How did those classes go? The first semester did not go as well as expected. The classes did not interested her and were not enjoyable, with the exception of one, English. It seemed to be the one class she did enjoy and kind of pulled her towards the fine arts. It was about mid semester when she realized there had to be something done about this so she started researching classes, programs, and schools. It was the help of her friends in those classes that got her through the rest of the semester

Why fashion and art? Fashion and art was always something she enjoyed throughout junior high and high school but it was more of a hobby than anything else. She never thought of it as a potential career until recently.

Classes now? Anali is happy to say she enjoys her classes so much more and it is completely different than her first semester had gone. She is currently taking marketing and art classes in preparation for the possibility of going to a fashion school in the future.

Future plans? This past February Anali had applied for School of Fashion at Ryerson University out on the other side of the country. She explains that it is the only school across Canada that offers a Degree in Fashion rather than just a diploma.

Advice? Definitely look into a larger variety of classes and programs to see what has potential.

Do you have some crazy program switches? Post em’!

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