Summer plans

I cannot believe that my first full year of university is almost over! And hello four month summer! EEK!

This year has gone by so quick it’s unbelievable, but just as quick I have to start planning for the summer and fall already. I can understand how the summer can easily creep up on someone when they’re so busy with midterms and finals. You have to figure out summer classes, fall classes, summer jobs, any travel plans and don’t forget to reinstate your student loans so they know your continuing studies!

I was just told last week that the registration date is for BOTH the summer and fall courses, yeesh that could have gone badly! I know they can’t baby us first year students all the time but some additional info throughout the year would be nice.

My current summer plans consist of taking a few summer classes so I can have a lighter course load in the fall. I have also heard they are pretty awesome so I’m excited! However I wonder if taking three in the summer is too much? Other than that my summer is open to anything. I hope to get a full time job when I’m done my summer semester but that may be tricky since it will already be summer and most jobs may already be taken. I heard of some of my friends who had applied for sweet research jobs back in January so we shall see what I can get my hands on. Career services has an awesome online job board so people can check that out which can help with the job hunt!

Travel plans are nothing concrete but after working hard this year I think everyone deserves some nice relaxing vacation time either at home, the river bottom or on a beach. I hope to go tubing down the old man river as I’ll be staying in town so that’s one thing I encourage to check out! I might also have the chance to go to Disneyland or Vegas with some friends so that would be the highlight of my summer!

I’m just excited for warm weather overall, ooohh and it all begins with last class bash this month! =)

I wish you all good luck with planning out your summer and finishing up this semester.

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