First year: finals round 2

Now that I am in my second semester, I find finals a lot different and less stressful…however, that might not be the best thing.

Since I know what to expect and how to study, it seems like it just gives me more of an excuse to postpone studying and taking the exam. All of my tests were online Moodle exams, so I was lucky enough to decide my own exam schedule. This just increased my procrastination more! It’s just something about the second semester that I have less motivation to study and just want summer to be here so I can have a much needed brain break. It’s not just me that has this problem, as most of my friends feel the same.

It also didn’t help that summer came early this year with sunny 20+ degree weather so I REALLY did not want to be inside studying. You could tell who tried studying outside as by the end of last week ,most people walked around with scary looking sunburns.

As for my exams, they went well enough. Freedom is so wonderful and it is so hard to grasp that I just finished my first year of university!!! Where did the time go?!? I don’t think I could possibly write everything I had learned this year in a single blog post. I will just say that it was a roller coaster of growing up.

I just want to say thank you to all who took the time out of their busy school and work schedules to read my blog and I wish you all the best for the summer and the coming fall. Good luck to the new first years!

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