Express Yourself with your own Site!

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Sites are now available to anyone with a University of Lethbridge ID. To signup, simply email a request for a site account to – and a member of our talented web team will set the wheels in motion. In the future, accounts will be automatically setup on request – but we are keeping a closer eye on things in the early stages.

Once you’ve received an email confirming your account setup, feel free to point a web browser to to login with your provided username and password. Once verified, you’ll be sent to your new site’s “dashboard”.

The dashboard is referred to as the “back end,” and only you (and any users you’ve assigned) can see it. Think of the dashboard as a behind-the-scenes control panel for your site, where all your site’s information and settings are stored. Virtually any time you want to update or modify your site, you’ll need to access your dashboard.

The “front end” is what the outside world sees. So to make any changes to the front end (write a post, change your design template, etc.), you must access the back end (your dashboard). To see the front-end of your site, click on the site’s title in the upper left-hand side of the dashboard.

Now that you’ve got this page set up, feel free to return to your main dashboard and get acquainted with the menus. You can’t break anything, and if you do, we can help. Also, don’t feel like you need to understand everything you’re looking at. With patience and practice, you’ll eventually learn what everything means.

For further information on the how’s and why’s of WordPress, please consult this handy guide over at – still stuck? Send a quick email to and we’ll do our best to parachute in and help out.

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