DrupalCon: My Dogs Are Barking

Day two in Portland was all about putting our FitBits through the paces. It felt like we were walking all day, and to quote Kevin Malone from The Office after wearing Kleenex boxes for shoes, “my dogs are barking”.

Located at the Rose Quarter Transit Center, this sign seemed very DrupalCon and Portland appropriate to me. It was a good way to start the day.

Do not feed the nerds

Mission number one for Trevor and I today was to play some disc golf at Pier Park, and before we went out Dan decided to join us as well. In hopes of finding some other DrupalCon attendees to join us for a round, we posted an event to the DrupalCon web site. After the half hour bus ride up to Pier Park we played a round in the dewey morning that left some part of the course a bit muddy. A couple of other DrupalConners, Dan and Derek, joined us for a second round at 11:30.

Pier park is a beautiful course with some challenging holes due to the trees and elevation changes that we don’t typically contend with in Lethbridge. Here are a few photos of the course taken during our round:

Hole three, from tee to basket

Big, big trees

I’m pretty sure I parred this hole both times:

Very tight

Shortly after getting back from disc golf we embarked on a shopping excursion, heading first to Next Adventure for some discs, and then to the Lloyd Center mall for a snack in the food court and some browsing the shops (or in Dan’s case, buying all the Arduino shields he could carry from Radio Shack).

The evening finally wound down by meeting up with Jay for a late dinner at Red Robin and then joining Angelsea at the movie theatre where we all took in the new Star Trek movie. There was talk of a late night visit to Voodoo Doughnut but the consensus was in favour of returning to the hotel to rest our weary feet. Final step tally for me came to 30,759.

Final step tally: 30,759

Tuesday morning we jump into sessions at 9:00 when most of us will learn about how Oregon State University manages large scale Drupal to kick off the conference. Time to pack in some shut eye before the morning arrives in order to get the most out of tomorrow’s sessions.

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