DrupalCon: Farewell Portland

Our memorable week at DrupalCon has come to an end, so it’s time for me to reflect on the experience and what I learned during the trip to Portland.

Giant Druplicon

With DrupalCon sessions wrapping on Thursday, that left Friday for code sprints and contribution workshops. I spent the morning in the core mentoring workshop. Unfortunately, I had some troubles with my local development environment that kept me from getting up and running with Drupal 8 right away. It seems there was also some trouble with the volume of traffic hitting the core mentoring web site that was slowing the group down in the morning.

After a train ride across the river to Old Town, Jay, Trevor, and I had lunch at Old Town Pizza and took a walk along the water.

Old Town Pizza

Bridges in Portland

Union Station

I spent the afternoon working some more on getting Drupal 8 running on my laptop. While waiting for various virtual machine images to download I also found time for updating my own contributed module to fix some community reported bugs. Floating Manager Menu now has a 1.4 release on the Drupal 7 branch.

The final evening in Portland featured a fireworks show that was part of the Rose Festival opening celebration. I had a nice view of the show from my hotel room.


It was a fun week at DrupalCon, but I’m happy to be back home.

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