New Campus Map

Unlike the previous facility-driven campus map, the new map contains expanded content, focusing on both services and students. Visitors to the map can browse campus buildings, services, directions, and contextual information (example: parking lots are labeled, but also the times parking is enforced). But it expands on parking and buildings by providing information like food outlets, operating hours, prices, counseling services, and even the location of the campus defibrillators. It is searchable by keyword and can also provide driving directions from campus to anywhere in the city. In addition to being a way-finding tool, future and new students can use it as a basic online campus tour. The technology also uses wifi signals to shows the user’s device location right on the map itself.

Try out the new Campus Map.

One Response to “New Campus Map”

  1. Leona says:

    The new interactive map is lovely BUT (there is always a but!), the printable map needs to be a) more readily accessible (I found it in the site map at the bottom of the page) and b) updated (it does not reflect the revised parking entrances and arrangements in front of Anderson Hall and into the Far West lot.) Campus Roots refers to this printable map to guide non-university people onto campus for our workshops and to access the garden so an updated map would be appreciated.

    ALSO, perhaps I missed it on links via the Notice Board but the map was hard to find … had to search for it. NOTE: I try not to use the main university page — the NB is easier.

    Leona in the Library
    and on Board of CampusRoots