March 22, 2013

IT Services Weekly Update

Critical Services (Banner, Moodle, Wireless, Internet, Telephony)

Phone service was unavailable at the Calgary campus from Monday afternoon until Thursday at noon due to a poorly executed change made by our network service provider.  The protracted delay in getting these services back online was caused, in part, by slow support response from our technology provider, which made it difficult to identify the source of the problem.  We have enumerated four corrective measures that we will implement to bolster our monitoring and ensure timely communication with our service and technology providers.

Service Improvements

The Enterprise Services team within ITS recently worked with Sport & Recreation Services to implement an improvement to the SRS check-in process.  Students, employees, and community members will continue to scan their ID cards upon entry to the SRS facility, but the system has been improved to display the user’s photo on screen to the SRS attendant.  This allows easy verification that the card scanned does, in fact, belong to the person entering, preventing a relatively common form of petty fraud.