January 8, 2014

SU Food Bank Challenge – Results!

In December, IT Services and Financial Services competed (for bragging rights) to collect the most number of items for the Students’ Union Food Bank.

Spies made reconnaissance visits to both departments, fueling the challenge. Competition became heated during the two-week endeavor and reinforcements were brought in as supporters from other departments joined the fray. Finance was assisted by Human Resources, Risk & Safety and Materials Management. IT had various and sundry folks in U Hall drop in with contributions.

The winner? The Students’ Union Food Bank! Michael Kawchuk, Vice President Operations & Finance, said both departments were winners. “I am happy to say we were able to raise a total of $750 and nearly 1200 items for students in need. I know it was a competition, but I am happy to say each department won.”

For cash donations, IT Services raised $613.25, followed by Financial Services with a total of $136.05. However, Financial Services donated 693 items, followed by 505 items from IT Services.

IT also collected a great assortment of gifts for the Salvation Army’s Toys for Tots program.

We’d like to thank everyone from both departments for their enthusiasm, generosity and support – particularly those from other departments who joined in and dropped off their donations in IT.

We’re looking forward to another spirited (and merciless) competition next December!

Food Bank2

(Okay, so this isn’t us – but we were close!)