Football and Music @ the U of L

The University of Lethbridge is currently playing host to the 2011 Football Canada Cup, where under-18 athletes from around the country have come here to compete at our new Community Sports Stadium (a mere walk from the University). Now, I’m not much of a sports guy, and I wasn’t planning to give it much thought, but the other day it unexpectedly happened to catch my attention…

On Sunday night, I was outside my place in West Lethbridge and I suddenly heard music coming from the direction of the University. My first thought was that the football players were celebrating. But listening closer I realized that it was live – and it was pretty good! I hadn’t heard about there being an outdoor concert on campus, so I decided to go for a little walk to check it out.

The event was a barbecue for the tournament, and they had hired a band to provide live music for an hour. Turns out they’re a local group made up of high school students called Vista Park, and they write all their own songs. I snapped a few pictures, then sat and enjoyed the music for a while. Like I say, I’m not a sports guy, but I can appreciate some good live music. What a nice surprise on an already nice cool summer evening.

The tournament goes until July 16, and more information can be found here:

Vista Park performs at the local Owl Acoustic Lounge every other week along with other local talent. More information about them can be found on their Facebook page:!/pages/Vista-Park/138333496222159.

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My name is James and I’m a History major at the U of L. Originally from BC, today I’m proud to call Lethbridge home. I enjoy travelling, listening to music, and doodling. I also enjoy reading, which can come in very handy as a student! There’s something incredibly special about the university experience, and I hope my blog can capture a snapshot of what it’s all about. This is my blog... This is our U.
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