Travel Opportunities!

As a student, you get a lot of perks: discounts on meals and ticket prices, money from grants and scholarships, etc. But you may not be aware that as a student, you can go places! Literally.

The U of L has several programs to provide students with experience abroad. The Co-op program, for example,[1] provides students with the opportunity to take a break from the classroom and spend a semester in the work world. Co-op students have access to an exclusive job board with postings all over Canada, and they get to keep their registration status while they work (ie, you don’t have to re-apply to the U of L when you get back, you don’t have to start making student loan payments, and you still get to keep the student union health and dental plan).[2]

Once you’ve completed your first year, you could also take advantage of the U of L’s Study Abroad program, with opportunities to study in Korea, Australia, the UK, Germany, and more![3]

Also, if you’re involved with a club on campus, the Students Union can provide funding to pay for part of your club’s travel costs to conferences.[4]

But in addition to what the U of L itself offers, there are also opportunities provided by external sources that are only available to students. These will all depend on what your interests are, and what sort of work experience you already have, and they will usually come up through word of mouth as you progress in your university career. For example, this year I got into a competitive program that allows me to go to Washington DC this summer! How cool is that?

Again, it all depends on your individual interests and skills. But if travel is something you’re interested in, there are plenty of opportunities available! Just keep your eyes open!

About james-forbes

My name is James and I’m a History major at the U of L. Originally from BC, today I’m proud to call Lethbridge home. I enjoy travelling, listening to music, and doodling. I also enjoy reading, which can come in very handy as a student! There’s something incredibly special about the university experience, and I hope my blog can capture a snapshot of what it’s all about. This is my blog... This is our U.
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