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With the semester winding to a close, many of you probably have a good idea of how you did in your very first semester of university. But how EXACTLY did you do? You won’t have your final grade until all of your coursework and exams are completed and marked, probably sometime over the winter holidays. However, there is a way to figure out a good estimate of what your mark will be…

It just takes some simple math. Multiply your known marks by the weighting that each assignment is given. For the assignments that have yet to be marked, you can estimate how well you did (or will do) to give you a rough estimate of your final grade. (See example below)

I never used to do this – probably because I wasn’t that much of a masochist. But this year I got curious, and didn’t want to wait. You can try this at home! Bring out all your syllabi to see the weighting for each part of the course, and then dig up the mark you got on all your completed assignments. Then punch in the numbers like this:

Short assignment: 79% x 15% weighting = 11.85%

Mid-term Exam: 62% x 25% weighting = 15.5%

Essay: 89% x 30% weighting = 26.7%

Final Exam: 81% x 30% weighting = 24.3%

Then, for a total, add up all the bolded numbers. In this example, the student would have a final grade of 78.35%!

If you like to ask yourself “what’s the worst that can happen?” you can try typing in hypothetical numbers for those parts of your course that are yet to be marked. For example, what if the student in the above example got a 49% in their final exam? That would bring their overall mark down to a 68%. What if they got 100% in their final exam? That would bring their overall mark up to an 84%!

It’s possible to scare yourself with the negative “what-ifs,” so try not to let that happen to you. Hopefully you can use this as a tool to motivate you as the semester comes to a close! Happy studying.

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My name is James and I’m a History major at the U of L. Originally from BC, today I’m proud to call Lethbridge home. I enjoy travelling, listening to music, and doodling. I also enjoy reading, which can come in very handy as a student! There’s something incredibly special about the university experience, and I hope my blog can capture a snapshot of what it’s all about. This is my blog... This is our U.
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