10 New Year’s Resolutions for Students

Happy New Year! If you haven’t come up with a resolution for this year, here is a list of ideas you should consider as you get ready to commence the New Year and a new semester.

1. Keep a journal. After you’ve moved on in the world and you’re looking back on your university years with fondness, a daily (or weekly or even monthly) journal would be a priceless possession. These are special times! A journal is a great way to immortalize them.

2. Do all your readings. This one can be tough, especially when you have so much else going on. But it’s a worthy goal indeed.

3. Money management. This was my resolution last year, and it was well worth it. Get a piece of paper or start a document on your computer, and keep track of ALL your spending. From there you will have a better idea of how to keep from spending more than you have! More on this topic here: http://sites.ulethbridge.ca/james-forbes/2011/09/26/money-tips-for-students/

4. Join a club. It’s a great way to meet new friends, cultivate a passion, and learn new things. Club Rush Week is January 9th to 13th – that’s when you’ll have a chance to talk to members of different clubs in the atrium and see what they have to offer. See a list of current ratified clubs here: http://www.ulsu.ca/?p=3612

5. Start your assignments early. Down with procrastination! Check out a previous post on this subject: http://sites.ulethbridge.ca/james-forbes/2011/11/10/last-minute-homework-first-mistake-james/

6. Contribute to The Meliorist. Our campus newspaper gets its life from student input. Talk to one of the editors to see how you can add your voice to the chorus! http://themeliorist.ca/

7. Eat healthy. It’s never too early to start thinking about taking better care of your body. You only get one! Check out how another U of L student is planning to improve her eating habits and how you can too: http://sites.ulethbridge.ca/briana/2011/11/26/building-healthy-lifestyles-briana/

8. Go to a Pronghorns game. Support our school teams! Students get discounted admission. Info and schedules here: http://gohorns.ca/

9. Recycle. Save the planet, and (in some cases) save your wallet! http://sites.ulethbridge.ca/james-forbes/2011/08/30/it-pays-to-recycle/

10. Read this blog every week! Okay, I’m a little biased on this one. But hey, if you want tips on how to navigate more successfully through university, what better place to get it than on your very own computer screen? I’m looking forward to keeping you informed and enjoying university life right along with you.

Whatever your resolution, best of luck with it! This is going to be a great year. See you next week!

About james-forbes

My name is James and I’m a History major at the U of L. Originally from BC, today I’m proud to call Lethbridge home. I enjoy travelling, listening to music, and doodling. I also enjoy reading, which can come in very handy as a student! There’s something incredibly special about the university experience, and I hope my blog can capture a snapshot of what it’s all about. This is my blog... This is our U.
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