Money Tips for Students: Entertainment Budget

After a long week of classes and homework it’s tempting to unwind by splurging on fun activities. But it only takes a couple of trips to the mall or the bar to end up with very little money left over at the end of the day. How can you still have a fun time without breaking the bank? That sounds like a question for a cheap penny-pinching so-and-so like me! Allow me to share my money-saving wisdom…


For a relaxing evening at home, it’s nice to pop a movie into the machine and recline on the couch with a snack. But if you have to buy a new DVD every time, your money won’t last long. Even rentals (where they still exist) will take their toll. Here’s what I recommend – go to the University of Lethbridge library and check out the DVD collection. It’s modest, but there are many golden nuggets to be discovered there. With your student ID, it’s completely free.


Here’s another tip you may not be aware of: if you are a student at the U of L, you can get a TAL card for free. TAL stands for The Alberta Library, and it gives you access to several participating libraries throughout Alberta, including the Lethbridge Public Library. This means that you can access the public library’s new Blockbuster Collection, featuring new releases in addition to a number of old classics. See if your chosen title is available by visiting this website: You can get a TAL card by talking to one of the helpful staff at the front desk of the University of Lethbridge library.


For those of you who want a more active form of entertainment, there are several options that you may not have considered. First, your student ID grants you free access to many services offered on campus, such as the swimming pool (lane swim most days, open swim most Sundays. See the schedule here:, rock climbing wall, gym, and running track.


For days with better weather (not too far around the corner, I hope!), you should consider visiting Nicholas Sheran park on the West Side, literally just a couple blocks from the university campus. It has a Frisbee golf course built in, which can be a great activity for a date or a small group. Otherwise it’s a nice place to walk and enjoy the outdoors.


My last bit of advice to you is sign up for the mailing list of a campus club you’re interested in, or several. Even if you don’t plan to be at all their meetings, you should try to be in the know for when they put on great free events like movie nights, group visits to local attractions, and many more. They may ask you to pay a membership fee, but some will not. Check out a list of clubs and their contact info here:


If you’re a student who needs more ideas on how to save money, check out one of my previous blog posts here: Keep an eye on this blog for more posts with money tips for students!

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My name is James and I’m a History major at the U of L. Originally from BC, today I’m proud to call Lethbridge home. I enjoy travelling, listening to music, and doodling. I also enjoy reading, which can come in very handy as a student! There’s something incredibly special about the university experience, and I hope my blog can capture a snapshot of what it’s all about. This is my blog... This is our U.
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