Alcohol Smarts

For some university students, year-end celebrations will be accompanied by alcohol. When handled responsibly, alcohol can be part of a safe and enjoyable evening; however, careless use of alcohol can kill the fun very quickly. With the approach of Last Class Bash, a year-end celebration hosted by the Students’ Union, students should be aware of these simple tips to make sure alcohol doesn’t spoil their party this week!

Take it slow. In pursuit of that optimal buzz, some people end up drinking too much too fast. The alcohol’s effects will vary depending on a number of different factors (such as how recently you ate), so give yourself time so you don’t end up going overboard! The obvious danger is that when your body has more alcohol input than it can handle, it will try to get rid of it. Getting sick is not the way you want to end your night.

Drink water too. Dehydration can lead to bad hangovers in the morning, so it is important to have a few glasses of water throughout the night in between alcoholic beverages.

Be careful. You want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself, but if your judgement is impaired and your awareness of your surroundings is limited, you can be very vulnerable to a variety of dangers. It helps to stick with someone you trust and protect each other from potential threats to the other’s safety. Make sure your valuables are secure, and make sure you have a safe way of getting home.

On Tuesday, April 17 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Alcohol Awareness Committee will be hosting a free BBQ in the U of L atrium. The event is called “Re-Fresh,” and it will feature speakers from Alberta Health Services who will provide information about safe alcohol use. There will also be prizes, mocktails, and activities like bumper balls! Sounds like a fun time.

The Canadian Public Health Association has an extensive list of tips that you should consider before drinking: If alcohol will be part of your year-end celebrations, use it with care!

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