Finals Fast Approaching

Finals are right around the corner and it seems that every student on campus is in either panic mode or a state of indifference. My daily meals now include any and all liquid and solid forms of caffeine to fuel myself for the 20 hour days I’ve been exposing myself to. My psychological functioning has been reduced to basic movements, involuntary reactions, and studying.

Finals seem to have this unnatural tendency to sneak up on me and suck my life into a vortex of cue cards and textbooks. The only iota of hope is the promise that after those 3 hours of exam turmoil I can reach into the clutches of the abyss and pull my social life back out of the blackness and shadows, and back into the real world. Studying, as vital as it is, needs to be separated by a few short hours of mindless activity that requires little to no brain power; this activity for me is “Suduko”. Those tiny grids of numbers provide the few moments of pleasure necessary to not break down during “study week”. So where it is number games, video games, painting your toenails, or baking a batch of cookies be sure to have some down time moments in your day.

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University Workouts

With a heavy course load, demanding work schedule, and busy social life do you find it challenging to make it to the gym? With a five-class semester, new job at a local restaurant serving tables, and finding time for your newly found study buddies; the gym can be a secondary thought so far from making it into your daily routine that the “freshman 15” can turn into the “graduate 50”.

If you’re finding yourself at risk of doubling your body weight, or losing that “new student physique” This Resurge review is for you, here are some clever weight loss/maintenance options.

The University of Lethbridge is built on one of the most scenic venues in the city, the rolling hills of the “coulees”. Coulees (pronounced cool-ie’s) is applied rather loosely to different landforms, all of which refer to a kind of valley or drainage zone implying INCLINE! So rather than taking the elevator, parking your car right outside the building your class is in, or skipping class all together TAKE A WALK. Use the hillsides to your advantage and get a workout while getting to class. We can all keep off that freshman 15 with a couple of quick changes to our daily routine. School is important, but don’t let your health take the back burner in your life. So here’s to a healthy term; and a successful exam week!


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Positive Professors

Over the past few years at the Lethbridge College and University I have experienced many interactions with my instructors and professors. It is a very rare occasion where I find myself seeking help, or further clarification on lecture topics.

However, just recently I had an increasingly more demanding work load in multiple aspects of my life. It felt as though my daily activities and projects were moving just out of reach and that I was falling behind not only within my family life, but in my studies as well. As the days passed and I continuously lost hope of catching up with my schooling; it was then that my professor approached me after her lecture to speak with me.

My absentmindedness with my studies had caught the attention of my professor, who thought that my change in presence within lectures had significantly changed. It was then that we compiled our resources and weighed my options on how to regain the ground I lost in my studies. I know that this is not a common practice among professors to go so above and beyond and reach out to a student in need; but I was more than grateful to have the help.

I have been very fortunate to have been able to approach my instructors when needed, and was astounded by the pleasant interactions as of late between myself and the faculty of the University. These are interactions that I will use in the future should further problems interfere with my scholastics, and that is a comforting thought indeed!

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Student Seating

When I first began my student career so many years ago anticipation and excitement were the most prevalent emotions controlling my thoughts while wandering the halls of the University. In high school I was almost always the first in the classroom, dead center and front row; I thought this scholastic principle would easily transfer over into my University seating plan. It was within the first few moments of my first lecture that I had found that there is a science to the way in which you commit to occupying a seat in a lecture. There are multiple factors that must be considered for your placement to be optimal.

Within the first few minutes that the lecture commences, the not-so-fashionably-latecomer’s seat is automatically labelled to be in the front row or most easily accessible seat by the door. Tardy students respect those around you and sit in the front to avoid the extensive amount of noise an individual can make whilst hurdling computer cords and backpacks to get to the back row.

The greatest offense made while choosing a seat is the distance to an electrical outlet. Most students ALL come to class with laptops, if this is you your seating should be as close to the back as possible to avoid tripping people with your cord, and directly next to the aisle. Obviously if you’re a “renaissance” student and use “ye ole” paper and pen for notes in class the best seating for your student profile is more central and at least 5 rows from the front. However, do not fret future students! These are only my suggested seating placement layouts that can be used. Everyone is different. The eclectic varieties of students that attend classes learn through individualized means, and their own individualized chairs. So whether you take the front or the back seat to your education, if you come into a lecture late I’ll see you in the front row dead center!

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University Pool

Beginning earlier this year the University of Lethbridge pool closed for construction on the support systems, water circulation and other equipment used within the facility. During the year the Max Bell aquatics centre is used for numerous clubs such as diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, swim club, kayaking, scuba adventures and intramurals (to name a few).

The pools patrons have taken on using the local city facilities where, as a lifeguard at the pools, I am able to watch the activities as I had before in the viewing gallery while on between classes at the U of L. It is this thought that has brought me to my current state of sadness and longing. Whether you were an Olympic hopeful practicing your strokes, or simply a student on break from Biology 1010 looking to take a nap somewhere warm, the University pool is an important part of university life. I had not realized how often I would use the viewing gallery to study or a quick dip in the pool. That is, until my summer courses began at the beginning of May and I could not find a single iota of ease sitting in the horribly uncomfortable metal chair units near the Tim Horton’s. Although there are numerous other areas to sit and study I feel as though I have had something stolen from my home away from home. I look forward to the renovations; however from now until October (when the renovations are completed) I must find new seating arrangements that will suffice my sitting and studying needs.
WANTED: an area not under control of the University air conditioning system. This location must contain areas where I can sit, study, procrastinate and potentially nap without having to commute home.

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