University Pool

Beginning earlier this year the University of Lethbridge pool closed for construction on the support systems, water circulation and other equipment used within the facility. During the year the Max Bell aquatics centre is used for numerous clubs such as diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, swim club, kayaking, scuba adventures and intramurals (to name a few).

The pools patrons have taken on using the local city facilities where, as a lifeguard at the pools, I am able to watch the activities as I had before in the viewing gallery while on between classes at the U of L. It is this thought that has brought me to my current state of sadness and longing. Whether you were an Olympic hopeful practicing your strokes, or simply a student on break from Biology 1010 looking to take a nap somewhere warm, the University pool is an important part of university life. I had not realized how often I would use the viewing gallery to study or a quick dip in the pool. That is, until my summer courses began at the beginning of May and I could not find a single iota of ease sitting in the horribly uncomfortable metal chair units near the Tim Horton’s. Although there are numerous other areas to sit and study I feel as though I have had something stolen from my home away from home. I look forward to the renovations; however from now until October (when the renovations are completed) I must find new seating arrangements that will suffice my sitting and studying needs.
WANTED: an area not under control of the University air conditioning system. This location must contain areas where I can sit, study, procrastinate and potentially nap without having to commute home.

About jenelle-decoste

I am a 3rd year NESA “fast track” and Neural Psychology student at the University of Lethbridge. During the school year I work through the City of Lethbridge lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons, as well as odd volunteer work through local organizations. Recreational time for me is spent staying active and keeping healthy. Swimming and the gym have been passions of mine for many years, and most recently have come to enjoy yoga as a part of my daily routine. I am an avid reader of numerous genera’s, as well as a “self proclaimed” artist in the privacy of my own home. My scholastic endeavours and accolades at the University will come to a close in December of 2012 with my programme’s completion, and am looking forward to sharing my personal experiences at the U of L! Jenelle De Coste
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