Positive Professors

Over the past few years at the Lethbridge College and University I have experienced many interactions with my instructors and professors. It is a very rare occasion where I find myself seeking help, or further clarification on lecture topics.

However, just recently I had an increasingly more demanding work load in multiple aspects of my life. It felt as though my daily activities and projects were moving just out of reach and that I was falling behind not only within my family life, but in my studies as well. As the days passed and I continuously lost hope of catching up with my schooling; it was then that my professor approached me after her lecture to speak with me.

My absentmindedness with my studies had caught the attention of my professor, who thought that my change in presence within lectures had significantly changed. It was then that we compiled our resources and weighed my options on how to regain the ground I lost in my studies. I know that this is not a common practice among professors to go so above and beyond and reach out to a student in need; but I was more than grateful to have the help.

I have been very fortunate to have been able to approach my instructors when needed, and was astounded by the pleasant interactions as of late between myself and the faculty of the University. These are interactions that I will use in the future should further problems interfere with my scholastics, and that is a comforting thought indeed!

About jenelle-decoste

I am a 3rd year NESA “fast track” and Neural Psychology student at the University of Lethbridge. During the school year I work through the City of Lethbridge lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons, as well as odd volunteer work through local organizations. Recreational time for me is spent staying active and keeping healthy. Swimming and the gym have been passions of mine for many years, and most recently have come to enjoy yoga as a part of my daily routine. I am an avid reader of numerous genera’s, as well as a “self proclaimed” artist in the privacy of my own home. My scholastic endeavours and accolades at the University will come to a close in December of 2012 with my programme’s completion, and am looking forward to sharing my personal experiences at the U of L! Jenelle De Coste
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