University Workouts

With a heavy course load, demanding work schedule, and busy social life do you find it challenging to make it to the gym? With a five-class semester, new job at a local restaurant serving tables, and finding time for your newly found study buddies; the gym can be a secondary thought so far from making it into your daily routine that the “freshman 15” can turn into the “graduate 50”.

If you’re finding yourself at risk of doubling your body weight, or losing that “new student physique” This Resurge review is for you, here are some clever weight loss/maintenance options.

The University of Lethbridge is built on one of the most scenic venues in the city, the rolling hills of the “coulees”. Coulees (pronounced cool-ie’s) is applied rather loosely to different landforms, all of which refer to a kind of valley or drainage zone implying INCLINE! So rather than taking the elevator, parking your car right outside the building your class is in, or skipping class all together TAKE A WALK. Use the hillsides to your advantage and get a workout while getting to class. We can all keep off that freshman 15 with a couple of quick changes to our daily routine. School is important, but don’t let your health take the back burner in your life. So here’s to a healthy term; and a successful exam week!


About jenelle-decoste

I am a 3rd year NESA “fast track” and Neural Psychology student at the University of Lethbridge. During the school year I work through the City of Lethbridge lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons, as well as odd volunteer work through local organizations. Recreational time for me is spent staying active and keeping healthy. Swimming and the gym have been passions of mine for many years, and most recently have come to enjoy yoga as a part of my daily routine. I am an avid reader of numerous genera’s, as well as a “self proclaimed” artist in the privacy of my own home. My scholastic endeavours and accolades at the University will come to a close in December of 2012 with my programme’s completion, and am looking forward to sharing my personal experiences at the U of L! Jenelle De Coste
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