Finals Fast Approaching

Finals are right around the corner and it seems that every student on campus is in either panic mode or a state of indifference. My daily meals now include any and all liquid and solid forms of caffeine to fuel myself for the 20 hour days I’ve been exposing myself to. My psychological functioning has been reduced to basic movements, involuntary reactions, and studying.

Finals seem to have this unnatural tendency to sneak up on me and suck my life into a vortex of cue cards and textbooks. The only iota of hope is the promise that after those 3 hours of exam turmoil I can reach into the clutches of the abyss and pull my social life back out of the blackness and shadows, and back into the real world. Studying, as vital as it is, needs to be separated by a few short hours of mindless activity that requires little to no brain power; this activity for me is “Suduko”. Those tiny grids of numbers provide the few moments of pleasure necessary to not break down during “study week”. So where it is number games, video games, painting your toenails, or baking a batch of cookies be sure to have some down time moments in your day.

About jenelle-decoste

I am a 3rd year NESA “fast track” and Neural Psychology student at the University of Lethbridge. During the school year I work through the City of Lethbridge lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons, as well as odd volunteer work through local organizations. Recreational time for me is spent staying active and keeping healthy. Swimming and the gym have been passions of mine for many years, and most recently have come to enjoy yoga as a part of my daily routine. I am an avid reader of numerous genera’s, as well as a “self proclaimed” artist in the privacy of my own home. My scholastic endeavours and accolades at the University will come to a close in December of 2012 with my programme’s completion, and am looking forward to sharing my personal experiences at the U of L! Jenelle De Coste
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