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The University of Lethbridge logo uses two spot colors: Pantone® Matching System 654 and Pantone® Matching System 116. When necessary these may be converted to their PANTONE PROCESS Colour System or CMYK equivalents for process colour printing.

The U of L colour palette allows the brand to be communicated clearly and appropriately. The colours are meant to evoke excellence and stability.

These colors are listed in the following color models:

  • PANTONE® Matching System (for 2-color printing): #654 and #116
  • PANTONE PROCESS® Colour System or CMYK (for 4-color/full color process printing): #P 105-16 and #P 7-8 or 100, 68, 0, 39 and 0, 100, 18, 0
  • RGB or HEX values for web and screen. : 0, 60, 119 and 255, 207, 1 or # 003c77 and #ffcf01

Please choose the appropriate values for the medium in which you are working. The Adobe Swatch Exchange File compatible with the Adobe Creative Suite is available to download here.