Nov 17, 2011
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2011: Canada’s Year of the QR Code?

As we approach the Christmas season our mailboxes get stuffed with the usual dead-tree marketing messages- BUY! SALE! GIVE! DONATE! – but this year I’ve noticed a mainstream addition. Quick Response codes (QR codes) are popping up in flyer-land from all sorts of vendors, bridging the gap between traditional static media and mobile audiences. This leads me to believe that QR code tech has moved beyond bleeding edge, to mainstream adoption for Canadian markets.

As we look to Google trends (which tracks “buzz” around certain topics online, search volume and mentions in the media) we see an escalation of interest in QR codes internationally:

While that visual is interesting in itself, when we localize trends to segment Canada, we can see a later adoption – but a staggering interest this year:

Seeking to support this trend, I sampled direct mail received in the Lethbridge and Calgary markets this season and found a staggering adoption of QR code use throughout. What’s missing though is the¬†campaign¬†metrics for each advertiser, are these “me too” tactics – or are advertisers seeing a real return? The cost of QR code adoption is low, and the measurement is extremely precise – perhaps this is the only reason advertisers need to get on the QR Code bandwagon. What are your thoughts?

Michael’s Craft Store (who also has text messaging, a mobile app and newsletter campaign):

Walmart Pets Pedigree Dog Food (fundraising for shelter dogs)

Toys R Us Canada – Holiday Book

Future Shop – Scavenger Hunt Game (Pickering, ON Store Opening Event)

Canadian Tire Weekly Lethbridge Flyer

Best Buy (Payment Calculator Link)




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