Shifting the Teacher Learner Paradigm

In 2010  Dr. Shelly Wismath created an elective Liberal Education course that teaches problem solving skills through puzzles. Alongside this new course offering, Dr. Wismath began a long-term research project to study how students develop problem solving skills, and how such skills can best be taught and enhanced. Over the pilot and two subsequent offerings of this course, this associated research project has been funded by the Teaching Center’s “Teaching Development Fund” which supports faculty research focused on the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education (SoTLHE).  Several publications have resulted from Shelly’s research. In the first of these articles, Shelly has shared her insights and experiences on teaching the pilot offering of the course, and focuses on the importance of rethinking the post-secondary teacher-learner paradigm for the 21st century. This personal reflection on the changing face of post-secondary instruction is published in the peer-reviewed journal “College Teaching” Volume 61, Issue 3, 2013.

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