Visual Note Taking

How many times have you seen your students doodling on their notebooks in class? How many of you were doodlers in class? Doodling in class is a common thing that occurs, but according Rachel Smith, your student may be taking visual notes.

Drawing in class: Rachel Smith at TEDxUFM

This video is a great resource to help you get started understanding what visual note taking is and how it works.  For those of you with a busy schedule, the main points of the video are  detailed below using some visual notes.

Some ways that visual note taking could be useful here at the University of Lethbridge:

  • Encourage your students to take visual notes. The process can help them make connections among the material.
  • Have a visual note taker in a seminar course that utilizes heavy discussion. This way your students can concentrate on the discussion while a visual note taker captures the connections made in class via the discussion.

Below are some other links that may be useful to you if you wish to pursue visual note taking further.

Visual Note Taking on the iPad by Rachel Smith

Sketcho Frenzy: The Basics of Visual Note-taking

posted by Brad Reamsbottom – Educational Consultant (Development)