The Possibilities of Multiple Intelligence

Dr. Howard Gardner speaks about The Multiple Intelligence Theory in the videos below. A few highlights of these

Human beings have very different kinds of strengths and it is important in how we learn. We can assess and teach people in different ways to enhance their learning experience. Teaching one way to all students is looked upon as an unfair education.

Everything can be taught in more than one way. There are 8 intelligences but that does not mean we need to teach in 8 different ways, but rather that there are multiple ways to teach and instructors and students can benefit from trying different teaching approaches.

Howard Gardner has been looking at this theory since 1983, but there are others who have been looking at this very theory.

Sir Ken Robinson is an educator that believes creativity is often stifled in many educational environments because they do not teach to multiple intelligences.

In the link below, there are number of articles that speak about Multiple Intelligences. You may find that some of these articles actually speak to the K-12 model, however, there are many theories and practices that can be applied at the higher education level as well.

The following article is a wiki that does a great job of breaking down the multiple intelligences and describing them.