New Moodle Theme for Fall 2013.

The Teaching Centre is excited to introduce the U of L community to the new Moodle for Fall 2013. Over the summer we have implemented a significant upgrade to the Moodle platform with many new enhancements and features. In order to align with the UofL’s branding, and with the help of both student and faculty focus groups,  we are also introducing a new theme.  We hope you enjoy the new look along with the new features, and look forward to hearing your feedback as we continue to work to improve our Moodle platform.

Key improvements include:

  • Drag and drop topics you can re-order topics by simply dragging them.
  • Drag and drop file uploads you can actually drag files directly from your desktop to your browser
  • Virtual linking to files in your “My files” area you can use your my files area as a file repository for all your classes. One file can be used in multiple locations.
  • New Activity and Resource picker that replaces the two drop down menus with a single link to a pop-up window in a more user friendly format.
  • A completely re-vamped Assignment tool the tool combines the 4 assignment types of old into a single form with more flexible options, and easier to understand setup.
  • Redesigned to automatically reformat for a better user experience on tablets and smartphones using responsive grid.
  • Numerous bug fixes and technical improvements.

Please contact the Teaching Centre if you would like to learn more.