One Professor’s Teaching Philosophy Inspired an Active Learning Manifesto

Active learning is often viewed as being a guide on the side rather than a sage on the stage. However, a Chronicles of Higher Education article by Jason Farman seems to take a different approach to active learning.  In an article titled A Manifesto for Active Learning, Farman walks us through his teaching philosophy and some finer points about active learning, including the lecture.

[I] consider lectures as a component of achieving my first goal: teaching my students how to learn. If I can spark their intellectual curiosity about a subject and teach them how to actively pursue knowledge about that subject—and that’s all I’ve done in a semester’s time—then I consider myself a successful teacher.

– Jason Farman
Chronicle of Higher Ed, – October 3rd, 2013

Farman’s manifesto doesn’t just speak about what he does in the class to incorporate active learning, but he also speaks about the learning that occurs outside the classroom. The full article is available via the link below.