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Using your Assessment Overview to navigate the Moodle Gradebook.

Moodle is a great tool that many instructors utilize in their course offerings to share documents, have discussions, and also to post grades. One part of Moodle that produces a great deal of questions from instructors is the grade book. This article will provide you with some examples of how a grade book could be set up by using an assessment overview as a map.
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Portfolio Jobs and New Job Skills for Students

In an article by Ian Jukes, the author explores the need for future graduates to be able to build a career out of “portfolio jobs”. These jobs may be contract, project or temporary jobs. Resumes start to become accomplishments that were made while working on a particular project rather than the number of years of service within a particular company.

Jukes poses the question, “Will young people adjust to the new style of portfolio careers and will the education system change to provide the skills they need to be nimble in the new global economy?”

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Although the article focuses on what post-secondary institutions should be thinking about in terms of developing job skills for graduates, Juke also points out how millennials may be viewing the current education system as broken or at least inconvenient. Juke makes a comparison between education and the music industry; many people will purchase a song rather than an entire album to build up their music library. However, when it comes to education, students are forced to purchase the whole album or degree even though they may be looking for a few classes that will improve their skill set.  If students really are comparing the eduction model to the music industry model, do they find value in the current traditional education model? If they don’t see the value of the degree model, should post-secondary institutions attempt to show them the value, or does the post-secondary system need to adapt to become more of a class by class model focusing on specific skill sets?