Using your Assessment Overview to navigate the Moodle Gradebook.

Moodle is a great tool that many instructors utilize in their course offerings to share documents, have discussions, and also to post grades. One part of Moodle that produces a great deal of questions from instructors is the grade book. This article will provide you with some examples of how a grade book could be set up by using an assessment overview as a map.

What is an Assessment Overview?

This is the simple overarching plan of how you will calculate grades for your students. It explains how the grade items in your course will be weighted. Below is an example of an assessment overview.

Quiz 1 10%
Quiz 2 10%
Quiz 3 10%
Assignment 1 15%
Assignment 2 15%
Project 10%
Mid-term 15%
Final Exam 15%

Course Total 100%

What is weighting?

Many instructors understand what weighting is, but for clarity in this article weighting refers to the factor of importance each grade item has towards the final grade. In the example above,  assignment one will have a greater contributing factor to the final mark than quiz 1 because it worth more of the course total than quiz 1.

Why is it important to work from your assessment overview?

1. You should be providing this framework to your students in the syllabus. This will allow your students to reference how their mark is calculated, and will provide them a bit of a key to figure out their own mark.

For example a student may wonder why their mark is lower when they just got 90% on the last  quiz. If they look at the assessment overview they will be able to see that quizzes are only 10% of a mark and that their mark on the quiz, although a great mark, does not make up the majority of the weighting for the course total.

2. Assessment overviews provides you with a map or framework to setup the grade book in Moodle. Moodle has a great deal of functionality in the gradebook module and can help you calculate your grades in a number of ways. Understanding how you want to weight or distribute your grades through your course is essential when setting up the gradebook

How should you set up your grade book?

There is no single way to weight the assessments in your class; there are many methods. Below in the interactive module, we provide examples of some simple assessment overviews, and show you how to set this up in Moodle’s grade book. This module only provides examples and does not explore every grading option available, however, the grade aggregation types explored below are common setups that may apply to you. If you have trouble setting up the Moodle gradebook the module below may be of help.