Can MOOC’s Be Effective as a Multicultural Classroom?

MOOC’s have risen as a new and exciting paradigm of online education. The idea behind MOOC’s is to offer education to more people around the world at a reduced price. In fact the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that the majority of professors who wished to teach or be involved in a MOOC did so for altruistic reasons. They see creating courses that can be offered around the world as a good thing that would benefit the global population. And why not see it that way?

However in a guest post by Ghanasshyam Sharma for the Chronicle, we are reminded about the cultural challenges that students of MOOC’s may face. Sharma uses a personal story to explain that wanting to educate on a global basis may be a “delusion”, and that many cultural, social, and economic factors need to be researched before MOOC’s can attempt to make education more global.

The full article from The Chronicle of Higher Education can be found here: