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“Teaching From Experience” Talking About Teaching Visual Notes

On January 31st the Teaching Centre held a Talking About Teaching event called “Teaching from Experience.” It featured Adam Mason, Robbin Derry and Dan Johnson, all of whom are valued teachers here at the University of Lethbridge. They shared a wealth of information with us, and it was a great session.

But if you were unable to attend, it is okay, because we took notes. The notes below are visual notes and are interpretations of the presentation in visual form.


Robbin Derry Robbin is speaking about here experiences as a chef and how they have influenced her teaching.

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Dan Johnson
We were lucky enough to hear all about Dan Johnson’s international travel and experience. This guy sure has done a lot of interesting things.

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Adam Mason
Adam shared with the experience of drum line and drum core, and how the constant strive for greater achievement in these programs has made him the teacher he is today.

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Horizon Report 2014 is out. Is the UofL keeping up with the trends?

If you are not familiar with the Horizon Report, it is a report on new trends, challenges and technologies in education. The New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE work together to output this report every year. They follow trending strategies, technologies, and even challenges in the education sector. Not only is the report a wealth of information, but these two groups provide a forecast about which trends or technologies will be upon us and how far away they are from appearing in our educational institutions.

You can download the report in it’s entirety here.

Below is a brief over view of the trends that were identified in the report. These trends are often looked at as future trends, but often times they are considered future trends because we are seeing the changes occur in our educational environments already. It is important to keep that in mind as we read these trends and evaluate our own institution. Identified with each key trend below are examples of what the great teaching community here at the University of Lethbridge is already doing to address some of these trends.

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