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Cell phone policies that go wrong.

Cell phones, mobile devices and laptops crop up in class more often than not anymore. Much of the questioning around cellphones has even changed from if students bring them to class, to how are they using them in class?

In many cases the cell phone can be useful to the student in class. While working on assignments as individuals or in a group they can use their phones to acquire information, confirm or disprove some theories they may have, and even act as a communication tool among group members.

However, sometimes our students do not use their phones for these learning purposes. Sometimes students will take a call, text their friends and perform other distracting tasks in class. In some cases it has forced instructors to come up with cell phone policies in class. These may range from “don’t even bring it to my class,” to “you can leave my class if you are answering your phone during my lecture.” In most cases the policy probably feels justifiable to the instructor, and in many cases the policy may even curtail any problems that arise with cell phone use in the classroom.

However, after watching the video below, you may want to question your cellphone policy and decide if it is lock tight. Enjoy!

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